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YouTube and Linguistic Variation Analysis

Bridget Goodman
Nazarbayev University
Astana, Kazakhstan

The Study of Language Variation

In the field of sociolinguistics and language education, one of the key subfields is the investigation of language variation and style shifting (e.g. Jaspers, 2010). Variationists take the point of view that groups of speakers may exhibit unique phonological, lexical, or grammatical features. These patterns of mixing languages are shown to be systemic and rule-based. Continue Reading →

About Musings

Musings is a new blog for Dialogue that encourages observational, experiential, and theoretical writings about popular culture and pedagogy. While we are actively seeking contributions about applications in the classroom, such as best practices in teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom, new multimodal approaches, and additional items/ideas not fitting neatly into a scholarly article, we are also open to all topics relating to popular culture. Continue Reading →