Call for Papers

There are currently two calls for papers.

(1) Special Call for Papers

While Dialogue welcomes essays on a variety of topics related to popular culture and pedagogy, we are particularly interested in receiving pieces which address globalization and the effects on learning, thinking, and practice for an upcoming issue.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Globalization and the Effects on Learning, Thinking, and Practice
Submission deadline, May 15,  2018

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(2) Rolling Submissions

Topics are particularly welcomed that address a scholarly examination of popular culture and pedagogy, such as:

  • Relationships between literature, culture, music, technology, gender, ethnicity, and media;
  • Theoretical, practical, pedagogical, and historical examinations of popular culture, including interdisciplinary discussions and those which examine the intersections between American and international cultures; and
  • Interviews, reviews of books, films, conferences, music, and technology.

Types of submissions:

  1. Articles/essays – theoretical or practical discussion of popular culture and/or pedagogy.
  2. Reviews – essays reviewing books, films, games, conferences, etc. as they relate to popular culture and/or pedagogy.
  3. Proposals for Special Issues.

Please review our Style Guide for more information.

Download Call for Papers PDF