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Embracing Changes and Creativity in Popular Culture and Pedagogy
A. S. CohenMiller & Kurt Depner

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Working with Students

Teaching Technical Writing through Designing and Running Escape Rooms
Marijel (Maggie) Melo, & Antonnet Johnson

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Deconstructing Proper Condom Use as an Introduction to Literary Analysis
Julie Stewart, Tom Clark, & Marilyn Clark

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Working with Teachers

The Stonewall Books: LGBTQ-Themed Young Adult Novels as Semiotic Beacons
Marcos Antuna, Janis Harmon, Roxanne Henkin, Karen Wood, & Kyle Kester

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Working with Creativitiy

Constraining the (Im)possible: Improvisation and Violence in Rafi Zabor’s The Bear Comes Home
Hannah Ianniello

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