Table of Contents

A Note from SWPACA Executive Director, and Dialogue Founding Co-Editor
Lynnea Chapman-King


Cultivating the Futures of Popular Culture and Pedagogy: A Celebration and Critical Examination of 10 Years of Dialogue
Anna CohenMiller, Karina A. Vado, & Kelli Bippert


The Rhetorical Interlude in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity: Suggesting a Model for Examining Rhetorical Discourse in Film
Brent Yergensen & Scott Church

Mixedness Comes of Age: Learning from Multiracial Portrayals in Young Adult TV Series
Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero & Lisa Delacruz Combs

Musings (online only)

“For Me, That Future is Jackson State University”: Travis Hunter’s National Signing Ceremony as a Symbol of Critical Pedagogy for Black Youth Resistance
Travis D. Boyce & Michelle Tran

Book Review (online only)

Decentering the White Narrative: Felicia Chavez and the Anti-racist Writing Workshop
Caroline Malone

Review of Digital Madness: How Social Media is Driving Our Mental Health Crisis – and How to Restore Our Sanity by Nicholas Kardaras
Douglas MacLeod

Review of Northern Exposure: A Cultural History by Michael Samuel
Catherine Reagan Palmore-King

Special Sections Calls for Submission

Children’s Critical Media Literacy
Roxanne Henkin

Book Reviews: The Benefits of Book Reviews and a Note from the Book Review Editor
Miriam Sciala

Karina A. Vado

Special Guest Issue — Unreliable Me: Constructing and Inventing the Self

Robert Vest & Roxie James

General Call for Papers

Anna CohenMiller & Karina A. Vado