Call For Musings

Editor: Karina A.Vado

Call for Musings

The “Musings” section of Dialogue highlights innovative popular culture integration in the classroom, best practices in teaching and learning inside and outside of K-12 and college/university classrooms, emergent multimodal teaching approaches, critical insights into popular culture, and/or additional items/ideas not fitting neatly into a scholarly article. Of particular interest are “Musings” that explore one or more of these topics/areas:

  • The politics of popular culture
  • The role of popular culture in politics 
  • Intersections between critical pedagogy and popular culture 
  • Intersections of social justice and popular culture
  • (Mis)Representations of class, (dis)ability, ethnicity, gender, race/racialization, and sexuality in popular culture
  • Global popular culture
  • Multimodal popular culture 
  • Student perceptions of popular culture 
  • Representations of academia/education in popular culture
  • Popular culture as pedagogy
  • Popular culture and media literacies 
  • Popular culture and multimodal literacies

See for Musings specific style guidelines. Musings can be emailed to the Musings Editor, Karina A. Vado, 

Published February 2023