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Challenging Conventions: Provoking Thought with Engaged Teaching and Learning in Popular Culture
Anna CohenMiller, Karina A. Vado, Barbara Perez, and Tyler Sheldon



 O Homer, Where Art Thou? Teaching the Iliad and the Odyssey through Popular Culture (Online Only)
Mallory Young

The Odyssey and Its Odyssey in Contemporary Texts: Re-visions in Star Trek, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and and The Penelopiad (Online Only)
Mary Economou Bailey Green


 Learning about People, Places and Spaces of the World through Informal Pedagogy
Shelbee R. Nguyen

Can you imagine, a real, live Indian right here in Walnut Grove?”: American Indians in Television 
Amy S. Fatzinger


 Lady Gaga Meets Ritzer: Using Music to Teach Sociological Theory
Kenneth Culton & José A. Muñoz


The Power of Books: Teachers’ Changing Perspectives about Using Young Adult Books to Teach Social Justice
Janis M. Harmon & Roxanne Henkin


 The Stonewall Books: LGBTQ-Themed Young Adult Novels as Semiotic Beacons
Marcos Antuna, Janis Harmon, Roxanne Henkin, and Kyle Kester


Zombie Literature: Analyzing the fear of the unknown through popular culture
T. Hunter Strickland


Queerly Cultivating Anti-Racist Feminist Pedagogy
Laurie Fuller

Hell You Talmbout: Mixtapes as method for online environmental justice pedagogy
lspeth Iralu & Caitlin Grann


Visuality of Race in Popular Culture: Teaching Racial Histories and Iconography in Media
Joni Boyd Acuff & Amelia M. Kraehe


Crossing Over: The Migrant ‘Other’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Casey Walker, Anthony Ramirez, and Arthur D. Soto-Vásquez, Ph.D.

Media Literacy, Education, and a Global Pandemic
Jessica Lowell Mason & Ebehitale Imobhio


Tackling History in the Cultural Studies Seminar
Becca Cragin

General Call for Papers

Anna CohenMiller & Karina A. Vado