Musings Submissions

Musings on Pedagogy & Practice is a new blog for Dialogue that highlights applications in the classroom, best practices in teaching and learning both inside and outside the classroom, new multimodal approaches, and additional items/ideas not fitting neatly into a scholarly article.

Length: Blog entries are typically 750-1500 words, but longer posts are also accepted if justified.

All submissions will go through editorial review for originality, clarity of writing, and utility for those teaching and researching in popular culture and pedagogy.

Submissions should include:

  • Introduction, Body, & Conclusion
  • Appendix and References (if necessary)
  • Brief bio of yourself (50 words or less)
  • Keywords
  • Imagery, embedded video and music, and other multimodal content is encouraged.
  • Please follow generally accepted conventions regarding student confidentiality for any course materials you include.
  • Given the nature of blogs, you do not need to create a formal works cited page; however, attribution for an referenced sources are required in text including hyperlinks when possible.

All submissions should be sent as inline text and supporting graphics within an email message to When composing your post, use bold, italics, and hyperlinks as needed. Please refrain from using multiple fonts, or type sizes.

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